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Banana, Maple and Ricotta Cheese Pancakes

  • Prep
    10 min
  • Total
    15 min
  • Servings

Banana, Maple and Ricotta Cheese Pancakes


  • 250 mL (1 cup) of all-purpose flour
  • 5 mL (1 tsp) of baking powder
  • 1 mL (¼ tsp) of salt
  • 1 very ripe banana, peeled
  • 250 mL (1 cup) of Saputo Ricotta di Campagna cheese
  • 180 mL (¾ cup) of Neilson milk
  • 30 mL (2 tbsp) of maple syrup
  • 5 mL (1 tsp) of vanilla extract
  • 2 eggs, yolks and whites separated
  • Vegetable oil, for cooking


  1. In a bowl, combine the flour, baking powder, and salt.
  2. In another large bowl, mash the banana. Add the Ricotta cheese, milk, maple syrup, vanilla extract and egg yolks and mix until well incorporated. Add the dry ingredients and stir just to combine.
  3. Beat the egg whites until stiff peaks form. Transfer to the bowl with the pancake mixture and fold to incorporate (don’t overmix, the mixture should be light).
  4. Heat a bit of vegetable oil in a large skillet set over medium heat. Pour 80 mL (1/3 cup) of mixture to form each pancake, cooking two to three at a time. Cook about 3 minutes, until the underside is golden and bubbles become visible on the surface. Flip over the pancakes and cook 2 minutes more. Transfer to a serving plate and keep warm as you cook the remaining pancakes.
  5. Serve with maple syrup, or other toppings of your choice.


  • Prep
    20 min
  • Total
    1 h 50 min

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