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A brief look at microfiltered milk and its many benefits

On your next trip to the grocery store, you may notice a carton of milk labeled “microfiltered” among all the other varieties. If you’ve ever wondered about what microfiltered means, this article is for you! Besides being incredibly delicious, microfiltered milk has tons of other great qualities like its pure, clean taste to its long-lasting freshness (microfiltered milk stays fresh longer than regular milk).

Did you know that the average Canadian consumes approximately 70 litres of milk per year?1 That makes sense when you consider just how great the quality of Canadian milk is and the fact that it contains up to 14 essential nutrients. It’s called Canada’s “white gold” for a good reason!

What is microfiltration?

All milk, no matter the variety, takes more or less the same journey to get to your glass. Upon its arrival at the factory, milk is skimmed and then pasteurized. The extracted and pasteurized cream is combined together, thus giving us 1%, 2%, or 3.25% milk.

Here’s the difference with microfiltered milk: The milk is skimmed first and then strained using a microscopic filter. This step is a one-of-a-kind purification process that eliminates up to 99.9% of impurities, resulting in a refreshingly creamy finished product.

You’ll notice that purification in the flavour. Microfiltered milk has a fresher and lighter taste to it, the direct result of the unique microfiltration process it undergoes which removes any lingering imperfections, a difference that’s obvious with every sip.

Fresher, for longer

Did you know that, prior to opening, microfiltered milk stays fresh for a while longer than regular milk? That’s the microfiltration process at work! Because its filtration process significantly removes impurities from the product, microfiltered milk has a longer shelf life than regular milk when unopened. And, after it’s been opened, the product retains its freshness for 7 to 10 days. So, if you forgot your litre of milk back at the cottage, don’t worry! It’ll still be just as fresh and delicious next weekend!
Not only is microfiltered pure in flavour and nutrient-dense, but just like all other milk, it’s also preservative-free! By choosing microfiltered milk, you’re opting for a glass of all that wholesome goodness that makes milk such an enjoyable beverage.


Fresh flavour for recipes

From a tall glass to a cereal bowl full, or even just a splash in your coffee, you’re going to love the all-natural and creamy taste of microfiltered milk. If you’re preparing a recipe that calls for milk, you’ll be delighted by what its refined flavour can bring to it. In need of a little recipe inspiration? We’ve compiled a few of our favourites below. All you need to do is incorporate some microfiltered milk, serve, and enjoy!

  • Prep
    20 MIN
  • Total
    50 MIN

Breakfast Casserole with Spinach and Cheddar Cheese

  • Prep
    45 min
  • Total
    60 min

Chicken Alfredo Pizza

If you’re craving milk as wholesome and nutritious as regular milk but with ample rich, creamy, fresh flavour, look no further than microfiltered milk! Don’t take our word for it: pour yourself a glass and enjoy!