Neilson has shared in
the life of its communities
for over 100 years.
Our employees are
committed to giving back
whenever they can.

Every bit helps

Whether it’s raising money for the Famine Relief Fund, taking part in a school’s Terry Fox Run or donating time to the Canada Agriculture Museum, Neilson employees take part in dozens of charity and community-oriented events every year.

One of our proudest achievements is our participation in putting a smile on the faces of families who are dealing with cancer. For more than 23 years, employees from each and every department at Neilson’s Georgetown plant have come together to bring a bit of sweet magic to families in need of help and encouragement.

Back in the late 1980’s, employees were asked to bake cookies and bring them to the plant, where they would then pack them into containers donated by a local grocery store. The initial response was overwhelming: employees filled 25 cookie containers. And since then, the numbers have skyrocketed. Last year Georgetown delivered 125 containers (each containing around 80 cookies), and this year they delivered an amazing 140 containers!

An exceptionally dedicated group of community volunteers from the local Cancer Assistance Services centre picked up the cookies and delivered them directly to each family’s home – an emotional experience for everyone involved.